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Assignment #2

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Work produced as part of U101 - Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century, Open University degree module

Phase two looked at design and others. The brief was to design a response to an everyday problem.

This design is a full-length mirror with camera that records and stores images of users in their clothing and displays these images back, alleviating the need to physically browse or locate clothing when selecting what to wear.  This makes choosing clothes and getting dressed quicker, convenient and less messy as users would no longer have to try on multiple options.  I was inspired by my own problem of disorganised, untidy wardrobes.  I wanted to design a change so that clothing could be stored, seen and selected efficiently.  I developed the smart mirror idea, working through a basic cycle of design; exploring the problem, coming up with concepts for solving, producing a design proposal and then evaluating to move on and evolve the concept.  I think my design provides an interesting and integrated response to the problem, although it is only a partial solution and does not improve or change the physical storage inside the wardrobe.

This device could be used by anybody; from the fashion conscious wanting to take selfies, to aiding those who find accessing and trying on their clothes more difficult (the disabled or elderly).  Through the process of designing prototypes I realised that the mirror could be linked to a smartphone by creating a wardrobe mirror application which then made me question if the device was even required, maybe a smartphone mounted to a wardrobe mirror could perform this function equally well.  This design only addresses the "seen" and "selected" part of my problem statement, the storage itself inside the wardrobe is not improved however the wardrobe could be modified internally and streamlined as you do not need to see the clothing to browse in the same way as you do currently.  Clothing is categorised as data within the mirror which could then be used as a template on how to organise the contents. 

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