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Protest By Design - my work made it to the Tate Modern!

Creative networking organiser Glug launched a campaign to create the world's biggest open source database of protest posters in support of the global climate strike on the 20th September 2019. They sent out a call to their network of designers and creatives asking them to submit their posters to their digital repository enabling protesters to access and download designs, or use them as inspiration to create their own. An idea immediately formed in my mind, to use the image as a baby whose head was the earth. My thinking was that the health and wellbeing of our planet should be considered as important as caring for a baby and so I sat down and constructed my contribution.

All of the submitted posters were printed and taken to the Tate Modern as part of Create and Strikes placard making workshop. I felt honoured to see mine up on the wall along with all the other amazing submissions and more than a little excited that it was inside the Tate Modern.

Check out the database - Glug Events Protest By Design

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