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A year of design thinking

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Entry for Design @ The Open University's 2019 Annual Show.

I chose to develop my concept from the second assignment, my design proposal for an interactive wardrobe mirror.  I felt it was one of my designs that had interesting potential as an integrated and innovative solution.  This idea is something I would like to use myself.  I also felt that my original prototyping and communication of the design during the assignment was one of my weaker pieces due to lack of experience and confidence.  I was interested to see how applying the extra learning and experience I had gained from completing the rest of the module might help me to improve my design and what changes it might bring.

I came up with a concept to move from a physical device to an application and sketched out ideas to both develop and communicate the application, moving on to create a new proposal.  Throughout this process I evaluated my decisions, helping to evolve the design.  This new design retains the integration and innovation of my original idea and its functions, but has been simplified utilising a smartphone or tablet to perform the same functions as the original smart mirror.  


Turn your device into your own interactive mirror & virtual wardrobe:

• share clothes with your friends (& borrow theirs!)

• get outfit suggestions & inspiration

• try on online outfits from your favourite stores

• post selfies, ask advice & vote on your favourite

Design Improvements

  • Does not require a full size mirror with camera and computer that could be bulky or impractical for users. 

  • Removes the environmental impact of producing, powering and servicing a mirror. Application uses existing technology that many people own already, making the design accessible and available.

  • The cost of the creating the design would be far less than a mirror and subsequently would cost less for users to obtain.

  • Using a device camera means the tool can be used anywhere, does not need to be tethered to the mirror.  For example, users could scan themselves in outfits in a shop or at a friends house trying on their friends clothes.

  • There is an element of incompleteness to the design, if the user required a mount for their device to capture images a link could be included to a retailer that stocks these items.  This could be a sponsored link to generate income for the application.

Communication Improvements

  • I feel I have created a clearer communication to detail my design proposal that looks like something you would see in an "app" store on a smart device. It looks like a real application and is something I would like to use.

  • I have been able to communicate the key features and selling points of the application without overcomplicating with too much information.

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