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Assignment #4

Work produced as part of U101 - Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century, Open University degree module

Phase four covered design and everyone. The assignment was to produce three poster designs responding to goal number 12 from the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible Production and Consumption, thinking about how we could reduce the amount of food that is wasted globally on an annual basis.

Poster one was designed to communicate the design problem “How might we prevent food that is still fit for consumption from being thrown away?”, originating from studying and research on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”.  I listed keywords and sketched ideas around what food and waste looks like as well as thinking about how messages around warning or stopping are communicated.  I decided on a red warning background colour for my message with contrasting white text on the top.  I used the image of food that looks fresh and tasty filling a metal bin as a visual illustration.  I decided to add the statistic text to add context to the communication although in reflection I think I should have expanded and stated that this is a global issue.  I like the clean and simple look of this poster with its clear message.

Poster two is a communication of three design ideas in response to my problem statement “How might we prevent food that is still fit for consumption from being thrown away?”. These ideas were a result of a creative session and an evaluation of the results. On analysis I realised that some concepts linked, presenting solutions at a consumer level at different stages, from planning usage and buying responsibly to then using the food that has been purchased. I felt this created a theme for the three posters, moving from the problem through these ideas then to my final solution at the end of the process (disposal) in poster three. I represented this by utilising the problem text from poster one along with the same white font on contrasting background to communicate the messages clearly with accompanying graphics to illustrate each point. I brought in a green element, often synonymous with the environment, to signify my solution ideas.

Poster three communicates an alternative solution to disposing of unwanted food and waste, rather than sending it to landfill.  The concept is a community food collection, collecting leftovers and waste from homes and delivering to suitable waste to food banks and schools and then turning scraps into compost and animal food.

I used the colour themes from the previous posters to continue the relationship between them.  I decided to use green for the heading, showing an environmental solution in contrast to the first poster which had the problem highlighted in red.  I used text, bullet points and a simple line drawing of a van to communicate details of what would be collected and how it would be used.  In reflection I am not sure if this adequately communicates the process and how the food will be repurposed.  I think the tagline at the bottom of the poster this highlights the overall message.

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