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Assignment #3

Work produced as part of U101 - Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century, Open University degree module

Phase three focused on design and society, I was tasked to create a board game based on a service.

Cart to Customer is a board game based on an online shopping service.  Gameplay starts with a customer placing an order, players set out and progress along a path comprising of board spaces with the aim of reaching the finish space first, representing the successful completion of an online order by receiving the order. The design process started with researching a service and looking at board game examples; gathering and interpreting information to use to design a concept. I then used this concept to produce a detailed working proposal.  The prototype proposal was used for testing and gathering feedback to evaluate and refine the game. I worked from sketches to producing drawn elements in Adobe Illustrator and then printing to assemble the components on plain pieces of card.

The game is turn based and a race to the finish.  Players move a shopping bag shaped playing piece along squares on a board, progressing by rolling a dice for number of moves combined with action squares that can help or hinder the player by advancing their move or missing a turn or even going backwards.  The goal is to progress along the board squares to get to the finish first, representing a successful completion by receiving the order.  When testing my prototype and final concept players were excited, liked using the game components and enjoyed the drama of the action squares, with positions and leads swapping a few times.  I questioned whether this excitement would last once players were familiar with the contents of the action squares.  I intentionally tried to keep gameplay and rules simple, so the game could be sat at and played without a lengthy set up or any confusion.

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